Our Philosophy:

To train our staff to be the best so as to give the best possible service to our clients. To continue learning throughout our lives to stay up to date and relevant. To constantly look for ways to improve, better efficiencies and deliver value to our clients.

School Education:

Maths is the big deal not only because of what it teaches you but also how it teaches you to think and reason. Take maths to the highest level possible at school. Maths literacy with a low report mark, will result in additional work. Try and do paper 3 as well where you can.

English is the language of business and you need to be as proficient as possible in it.

Grade 11 is huge. Schools and teachers are rated on Matric results so their emphasis is on that. Application to any University depends on grade 11 and is confirmed with grade 12 results. The schools wont tell you this but believe it.


If you study full time make sure you choose the correct subjects along the way for your final destination. You don’t want to get your degree and then find you have a bunch of credits short to continue further on the road you have chosen or choose at that point.

If you intend to be a Chartered Accountant look for the accredited universities who offer a CTA or universities whose B.Com is recognized by others offering the CTA.

Part time is an option but remember you need to learn the same amount in the same amount of time but work a full day as well. It is possible and a good option.


You have a choice of paths in our accounting world and we cater for some of these. We have set out more detail below and included links to sites with more information. All of these require a relevant registered learnership.

Chartered Accountant (S.A.) – This is the pinnacle and your final target if you wish to go all the way with us. This requires a B.Compt degree and CTA honors followed by the qualifying exams ITC and APC. (SAICA)

Registered Auditor – This is the audit specialism within the accounting profession and currently only Chartered Accountants can proceed to this specialism. This requires an additional Professional Program to be completed and Assessment of Professional Competence  (APC). (IRBA)

If you are starting training from Matric and studying part time we take you through the SAICA learnership and then through to the final ITC and APC exams with the Professional Program.

If you already have your B. Compt or equivalent and are starting at CTA level or already have your CTA we can go through the SAICA learnership.


If you are interested in working with us, have the skills and are motivated please email a detailed CV to

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