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Our MISSION defines our purpose, why we exist.

We CREATE services that increase our stakeholder’s profits, their business value and personal wealth. We do this through a single, CORE relationship – NOW.

  • Create – we develop services, continuous process, we leave something behind, we are accountable for what we make
  • diverse – many, various, unlimited
  • solutions – plural, services, answers, actions, products
  • stakeholders – everybody affected by our business operations (suppliers, clients, staff, SARS, the community, etc.)
  • a single – one
  • CORE – reiterate the brand name, central, nucleus, pivot point
  • relationship – an emotional link between two or more parties

A mission statement provides the details of what is done and answers the question, “How do we do what we do?”. Your mission statement should also be specific enough that people understand what you do and how it may differ from your competitors. 

Our EmployeesWorkplace Behaviour Statement


  • I stick to deadlines
  • I have a clean and/or neat desk
  • I return a stakeholder’s call/email/SMS within 48 hours
  • I complete tasks that are allocated to me
  • I prepare properly for formal interactions with stakeholders
  • I pro-actively follow up on outstanding tasks and assignments
  • I update my skills and knowledge to remain not only relevant but abreast

Mutual respect for all stakeholders

  • At the office
    • I am on time
    • I park in my allocated parking space
    • I greet my colleagues
  • In meetings
    • I allow others the freedom to express themselves without interrupting them
    • I focus on the agenda at hand and do not communicate with external parties
    • I do not do any other work that is outside the scope of the meeting
  • In general
    • I do not use gestures, language and/or comments that are crude and disrespectful.
    • I conserve firm and natural resources and limit wastage
    • I dress in a manner that is equal to what is professionally expected by my stakeholders
    • I use proper language when communicating with my stakeholders
    • I use a tone of voice that is acceptable to all my stakeholders
    • I empower and guide. I do not reprimand and belittle stakeholders in public or behind closed doors
    • I do not use intimidating behaviour, like slamming doors and throwing objects
    • I trust my stakeholders. I do not excessively and unreasonably monitor their responsibilities
    • I address a conflict situation with the party concerned in a professional manner that is equal to the aforementioned before approaching a third party

Accountability statement

  • I am accountable for all my actions. Should I not deliver on my commitment to the Workplace Behavior Statement, I will take corrective actions before the deadline. I will communicate this to the relevant stakeholders within a timeframe that is acceptable to them.

Our VISION defines the way our organization will look in the future.

The FUTURE – Globally Trusted Professionals

  • Global – inspires us to grow/expand
  • Trusted – inspires us to build trust relationships with all our stakeholders based on honesty, efficiency, accountability and mutual respect.
    • Stakeholders
      • All entities can affect or be affected by the organization’s actions, objectives and policies.
      • They are our creditors, directors, employees, government (and agencies), owners (shareholders), suppliers, unions, and the community from which the business draws its resources.
  • Professional –  inspires us to deliver a quality service/product in a manner as defined by our stakeholders.
    • Does not refer to professional bodies or professional career types. Refers to HOW we interact with our stakeholders.

Vision is a long-term view describing the goals of the organization. Our vision statements help to drive decisions and goals in our company.



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