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Numeri serves clients from all over our South Africa and abroad. The firm was established in 1982 and due to continuous growth now comprises of nine partners and nearly one hundred other professional employees in the group of associations.

Member firms and associates operate autonomously under their own name and entities. This provides access to specialized skills and services as well as ensuring consistent levels of training and performance.

All firms within the network are committed to meeting the same standard, scope and quality of service. The distinctive style and focus of the organization make it an attractive alternative to the medium Audit and Accounting firms.

With offices easily accessible with the N1 and N4 Highways within 100 km from Pretoria and Johannesburg, we are an attractive alternative for small and medium enterprises situated in Gauteng, who need a personal and value-added service to optimize wealth.

The profile of the firm is clearly to focus on business in the small, medium and upper market. A characteristic of the firm is the high degree of partner involvement with the clients and the hands-on, personalized approach of our staff. As broad-based advisors, our partners provide timely and insightful solutions to a variety of problems.

The firm’s philosophy and structure enable it to provide the variety and quality of service that is expected of a major organization while allowing for the flexibility and independence necessary to respond to the unique needs of every client. The rationale is that we firmly believe that we can serve our clients best in a smaller and personal environment.

We, as partners believe in personal and direct communication with the client. Although we have a competent and experienced professional team that carries out the various assignments, directors are always personally involved with every assignment. We believe that it is very important to be available for our clients and can confidently say that we are reaching our goals in this regard as a director and two other professionals are always assigned to a client.

NUMERI caters for small businesses to larger businesses with turnovers in excess of eight hundred million Rand per annum. We know that we have excellent knowledge within the Numeri Group to advise clients involved in these industries.

Agricultural activities in the geographical area in which we operate cannot be underestimated. Many of our clients have ties with farming and agricultural related operations. Most of these enterprises deliver products or services to farmers.

The manufacturing industry, including construction and property developers, will always be a key economic activity in any area. Normally they’re the big job creators, mostly within the unskilled labour market. Our clients vary from small owner-managed operations to big factories and entities.

The importance of tourism in the area in which we operate is on the increase. We know the impact the industry is already having and will have, in future. We are therefore focused on servicing our clients involved in tourism, whether that be game lodges, guest houses, hotels, restaurants or travel agents and many more.

We cover a wide range of clients involved in the retail market, all varying in products and services. In the process, we also service clients with well-known brand names across the retail sector.

Professional practices
Architects, Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Physiotherapists, Optometrists, Vets and Consulting Engineers varying from one man to incorporated practices and groups are all part of our client base.

Non-profit organizations
We service many churches, schools and other non-profit organizations. In many instances, our staff members are actively involved with the management and providing advice to these organizations at a discounted rate and in their private time. We see this as playing our part in community service.

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A characteristic of our firm is the personal approach of the directors towards clients and staff. The foundation of our success is based on integrity, trust and the professional team’s commitment to each other, the firm, our clients and the accounting profession.

Numeri Clients and our Professional Team are counted and in-count.

As an accredited SAIPA training Centre, we dedicate ourselves to the progress of every trainee.

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