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JC Greyling

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FC Vorster

Chris Greyling qualified as a CA(SA) in 1984. He has been with the firm as a partner since 1985. 

He has more than 30 years of experience in areas such as auditing, accounting, tax planning and tax administration, estate planning and deceased estate administration, and trusts. 

He has completed a certificate in Forensic Accounting at the University of Pretoria. He is a keen sportsman, always enjoying a round of golf.

Johan Leiding joined the firm as a partner in 2005. He qualified as CA(SA) in 2003. 

He services various clients in the retirement fund industry and the retail sector. He is responsible for the firm’s day-to-day running, which includes all information technology of the firm, human resource aspects, etc. 

He enjoys a good game of golf and spending time with his family.

Francois Vorster joined the firm in 2014 and soon thereafter qualified as CA(SA).

He joined the partnership in 2015 and has been running the Midstream branch ever since. 

He also enjoys spending time on the golf course as well as with his family.

As the financial sphere is continually evolving, it is the firm’s policy to stay abreast of changes in the accounting, auditing and taxation fields and ensure that our clients are informed of the newest developments in the legislative and regulatory environments. We consider knowledge to be power in the current competitive market locally and internationally. We will attempt not only to ensure that our clients are informed but are instead in sync with trends in the local and worldwide financial environment.

We provide constructive advice and support through specialized knowledge available within our firm. Value-adding opportunities will be identified on each assignment and suggestions in this regard will be communicated to management.

Our firm adheres to the strict prescriptions of our ethical standards regarding the independence of its partners and staff, in order to provide a professional and objective service to its clients. The integrity of our firm will never be compromised, ensuring exceptionally high standards and quality work.



The vision of the firm, “Your image, our priority”, is a representation of the manner in which the firm provides a service to our clients – adapting to the corporate environment of a client whilst ensuring that their mission and vision become a priority to the members of the firm within the professional framework of the services rendered.

Our mission, “To facilitate firm success through the integration of ethical values and technical expertise in order to ensure a quality focussed service equivalent to the high standard of quality expected in the ever-evolving global financial sphere” stems from a deep-rooted belief that the services we provide are not based on financial gain, but are rather a reflection of what we as a firm stand for.

Our EmployeesWorkplace Behaviour Statement


  • I stick to deadlines
  • I have a clean and/or neat desk
  • I return a stakeholder’s call/email/SMS within 48 hours
  • I complete tasks that are allocated to me
  • I prepare properly for formal interactions with stakeholders
  • I pro-actively follow up on outstanding tasks and assignments
  • I update my skills and knowledge to remain not only relevant but abreast

Mutual respect for all stakeholders

  • At the office
    • I am on time
    • I park in my allocated parking space
    • I greet my colleagues
  • In meetings
    • I allow others the freedom to express themselves without interrupting them
    • I focus on the agenda at hand and do not communicate with external parties
    • I do not do any other work that is outside the scope of the meeting
  • In general
    • I do not use gestures, language and/or comments that are crude and disrespectful.
    • I conserve firm and natural resources and limit wastage
    • I dress in a manner that is equal to what is professionally expected by my stakeholders
    • I use proper language when communicating with my stakeholders
    • I use a tone of voice that is acceptable to all my stakeholders
    • I empower and guide. I do not reprimand and belittle stakeholders in public or behind closed doors
    • I do not use intimidating behaviour, like slamming doors and throwing objects
    • I trust my stakeholders. I do not excessively and unreasonably monitor their responsibilities
    • I address a conflict situation with the party concerned in a professional manner that is equal to the aforementioned before approaching a third party

Accountability statement

  • I am accountable for all my actions. Should I not deliver on my commitment to the Workplace Behavior Statement, I will take corrective actions before the deadline. I will communicate this to the relevant stakeholders within a timeframe that is acceptable to them.


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